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  1. Don't punish the puppy for housebreaking accidents. It is counter productive and will teach the puppy some other unwanted behaviours.
  2. It is important to always clean up any "accidents" with an odour-neutralizing product.
  3. If the puppy/dog is having difficulty with housebreaking or has coprophagia, the owner should not allow the dog to see her cleaning up feces or urine. This is necessary for both accidents and routine clean-up.
  4. Take the puppy out or to the designated potty area immediately after the following events: waking up, getting up from resting, drinking water, eating, playing, training, and actively sniffing.
  5. Once the puppy has been "accident free" on the housebreaking schedule for 14 days, the owner must teach the puppy to hold her bladder a little past the time she may need to go.
  6. Puppies with housebreaking problems that persist for over a week with no reasonable explanation should be examined by a veterinarian to rule out medical issues.
  7. The owners day-to-day schedule needs to remain similar each day/
  8. Take the puppy out the same door to relieve herself in the same area of the backyard As the puppy is eliminating, introduce an elimination cue and quietly praise the puppy when she is done.
  9. Owners can extend the number of hours the puppy can hold her bladder at night by:
    • withholding food and water a minimum of two to three hours before bedtime.
    • Exercising the puppy sufficiently prior to bedtime to increase the likelihood of elimination and to make her tired.